Lory and I have three pets. There are two parakeets, Sunny (yellow and green) and Sky (sky blue). Sunny is the female and is older (8 years). We also have our dog “Dixie”.

Last week Sunny started to show some symptoms that we did not like. She seemed to want to do nothing buy sleep with her head under her wings. It was heart breaking to see Sky nuzzle up close to her and silently talk to her. That is when parakeets move their beaks as if they are speaking, but no sound comes out. He didn’t understand what was happening.

We really did not know what to do. You really can’t take a small parakeet to a vet, and if you did who could pay the outrageous prices they are not charging? https://telugubiggboss.com

Lory kept the cage clean put alfalfa, vitamins and MSM into their food and water. We even tried some drops of Rescue Remedy (Bach Flower Remedies.)

It helped a little and she ate a little but still slept with head under her wing almost all day.

Then one day we saw that she was having a hard time holding onto the perch and was leaning up against the plastic play bird on the perch for support.

It was time to do something more!

Several years ago we had another parakeet called Moogie. He had the same symptoms and towards the end he was using his beak to hold onto the cage to keep from falling. It broke our hearts to watch him for we did not know what to do. He passed on and we buried him in a match box in the flower bed.

But we were determined this was not going to happen to Sunny. During one of my morning meditations a powerful thought came to me. “Why not try to heal her the way you and Lory heal yourselves?”
Use Life Force.

The Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tell us everything is energy and everything is connected. We use our meditations to attract more life force from the quantum ocean into our own auras. Why not send more life force into Sunny’s aura.

I don’t know if parakeets have a chakra system like humans do but they do have an aura like we do. You can see it.

So we both started with a very simple distant healing exercise. We would stand in front of the cage, look at Sunny and hold her in our minds eye.

Then we would take turns during the day sending her energy. Here is what we did.

I would hold my left hand out palm up and take a deep breath and pull the life force out of the quantum ocean into my palm. (Try it you can actually feel the energy entering and the hand vibrate.) Then I would, with my Mind (Spiritual Quantum Physics also tells us All Is Mind!) breathe it down into my lungs and distribute it throughout my chakra system. Then I would point my right hand at Sunny (left hand still open and pointing up) and breathe the energy out and into her.

I felt three times was enough to start.

Lory would do the same in the afternoon.

Sunny started to come around. I was sure we were on the correct trail. So I did more meditation. Then I recalled what I will call “the pendulum rainbow healing exercise.” I hadn’t practiced it or even thought about it for years.

I.F. my spiritual master taught me many things (all verbal) 40 years ago when I studied as his chela. He told me that many of the things he shared with me were ‘seed thought”. Thoughts he would put deep into my subconscious that would rise to the surface in the future when I needed them. I sure needed it now for Sunny.

Here is what he did. He would ask me to hold out my hand palm up and he would hold his wood pendulum over it and start it to rotate clockwise. He spun it so fast I thought it would fly off. Then he would mentally start the rainbow sequence. White, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and finish with white. He was so powerful that I could feel my aura filling with each of the colors. It only took 5 minutes but I felt completely energized when he finished.

Now I was going to do this pendulum healing with Sunny. I could not ask her to put her palm out and I didn’t want to stand there spinning a pendulum in front of the cage. So I incorporated another one of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics.

I drew a stick figure of Sunny on a 3×5 card and placed her name below it. According to radionics this would now become just as real as she was herself.

I held my pendulum over the 3×5 card and started to spin my wood pendulum clockwise all the while visualizing that this drawing represented Sunny’s aura and the colors I was sending were going into it and healing her. Five minutes,

Sunny became more active and even chirped a bit. Sky was happy. It has only been three days and she still sleeps a lot, but she is not leaning against the plastic bird for support and hops around the limbs more. She is eating more now.

We will keep this up till she is all better.

Everything is energy and everything is connected. This means that we are connected to animals and birds just as much as to other people.

We live in an infinite ocean of energy called the Quantum Ocean which is the Mind of God. Our minds are a small piece of the Mind of God and we have been given the gift to co-create, just like God. As a matter of fact we are all fledging gods.

In the bible it says that we are able to do things even greater than HIM. We can surely use this ocean of energy to heal.

This is the great gift of the Age of Aquarius.

You can use these procedures with any of your pets.

P.S. Here is one more healing exercise I thought up. When I go for my walk around the basketball court I carry Sunny and Sky on my shoulders. I start by breathing and expanding my own aura so that it is at least 7 feet around me. Then I breathe life force out of the heavens and into my aura. As I visualize the energy entering my aura I also see it entering the auras of Sunny and Sky or who are sitting on my shoulders.

Learn how to bring your pets into your aura when you want to share energy with them. Your Mind is your greatest gift. It allows you share energy with and contact anyone or anything in the whole universe. Start thinking bigger thoughts. Think your own thoughts.

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