Originally worn by sheep grazers in order to keep them from catching the frost on their long days walking, Ugg boots are made of genuine sheepskin such is their attraction to be worn by many people thought the summer months. Ugg boots will keep you warm through the winter.

Sheep skin is very soft and that’s exactly what Ugg boots are made of, this is why they are so comfortable and why so many people crave them. Ugg boots are well known all over the world and there is still some arguments over who started the retailing of these fantastic boots.

Ugg boots started off in Australia and eventually made its way around the globe providing comfort and warmth to millions. The reason they are called Uggs is because they are traditionally bland looking, usually only coloured in original sheepskin colouring with no shine like other leather boots.

Sheep skin itself is a very soft form of fabric so it was originally quite difficult in the early days to take them off as they moulded to the feet of consumers. A second layer was added soon after to prevent the boot shaping to the wearers foot.

Even after all these years people are still wearing Ugg boots, and newer models have been made for stylish looks and feel but they still retain the traditional bland look as intended. They are so comfortable nowadays that people even wear them indoors as slipper especially in the winter months as it can be absolutely freezing and Ugg boots seem to do the job better than anything else, you don’t even have to wear socks with them. In fact because of the indoor wear, Ugg slippers are now being produced as well as Ugg slip-ons all to keep us warm in the winter months.

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