Four True Outlandish Cases

Rocking Fraud

A man acknowledged his guilt after being exposed as the performing head of a traveling rock band while he collected disability from the association where he once worked. The shyster had collected $30, 000-plus in disability checks for a supposed arm injury that he claimed to have incurred while on business for the association. The man’s ‘injured arm’ did not deter him from performing all over the country with his group.

Crooked Dealings

The man was the CEO of a corporation. Then, it was discovered that he had been behind a multiple million-dollar insurance plot involving workers’ comp patients. Together with fifteen others, he created a lotion and subsequently paid doctors approximately twenty-five million dollars to prescribe the cream to those on workers’ compensation. Tragically, there was loss of life as well. One mom using the cream had placed a finger that had residue of the cream she had been using in the mouth of her infant, leading to the child’s death. Besides fraud, the man behind it all was charged with manslaughter.

Jailed Pain

Perhaps sitting in jail never hurt as much as this case. A homeowner in Washington State made fifty-one automobile stops at various hospital emergency rooms and emergency care health centers to illegally get his hands on pain medicine. The fellow would arrive at the healthcare premises and say he was hurt at a job he never worked at. Concurrently, he would assume the identity of someone else while providing a fake social security number, leaving the medical centers with almost $150,000 of unpaid bills to workers’ comp. The man was sent to prison for two plus years.

Dancing to Prison?

A performer raked in above $51,000 in disability insurance checks due to an injury while employed as a dancer. The fellow continuously accepted the benefits as he climbed the ladder of success, culminating in a lead dancing role. In addition, he assumed fake names as he worked as a supporting dancer for in a popular performance.

Bike and Fall

An ex-employee was convicted of workers’ comp fraud because he embellished the actual scope of his injury. The man said he suffered an injury when he biked while on patrol duty of the college campus he worked at. First, he said his he fell off his bike when hitting a rolling cantaloupe and hurt his right leg. Then, he changed his story after speaking to his lawyer, relaying a version about additional injury to his back, hips and other leg. The medical data confirmed he was lying.

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