Looking lower back on my traditional Jewish youth, I never might have guessed the questions that led me on the street of my spiritual journey.  Https://IndoIssue.com

I grew up in a Conservative Jewish home – mom, father, more youthful sister and maternal grandparents. We had a basic Jewish home, kept kosher and had separate dishes for meat and dairy. Temple was attended at the vacations in addition to adhering to all different Jewish customs. We were now not Orthodox so did now not put on skull caps besides in Temple, and did not divide milk and meat into two fridges. Both Yiddish and English have been spoken in the home.

I attended Public School similarly to after-college Hebrew School. My sister went to Yeshiva (Jewish Parochial School) thru 8th grade which become more for childcare issues then for receiving a mundane education.

I prepared throughout my more youthful years for my Bar Mitzvah, the spiritual coming-of-age rite for Jewish men after they turn 13.

I found out how to read Hebrew but by no means changed into able to translate what I changed into reading. In essence, it was studying to examine the prayers without information what they had been approximately.

By the time I grew to become twelve I “begged” my parents to let me stop going to Hebrew School and get character classes from the Rabbi. Amazingly, they agreed!

The Bar Mitzvah was a large occasion. Relatives flew in from the Midwest. We stayed in a lodge. The services were on Saturday morning and inside the evening there has been a big catered affair. I got plenty of coins items however did now not get to hold them as they went to pay for the Bar Mitzvah (thanks to anybody who gave me a Savings Bond.)

After that ceremony of passage, I commenced to verbally query Judaism. That did no longer go over properly. My grandparents had been dissatisfied due to the fact I became asking questions and my mother and father told me, “That is what we do.”

Of path, rebellious teenager that I became, I couldn’t apprehend this attitude. I started out refusing to go to Temple (although as a younger teenager I became nonetheless compelled to head.) During Passover I ate unleavened bread (truly it changed into a White Castle hamburger.) Horror of horrors, it changed into also not kosher. This become done in secret, of route. I became inquisitive about ceremonies and rituals of my pals’ religions. I knew that there was extra out there but didn’t actually have the inquiries to ask. I become in no way relaxed with believing that there has been a God in Heaven who exceeded judgment on us, and a Devil in Hell who punished and tortured us. However, I could by no means voice that out loud!

I did not apprehend why it was “OK” to consume kosher outdoor of the residence (via this time we had been no longer dwelling with my Grandparents) however now not inside, until we used paper plates and plastic utensils. This regarded completely hypocritical to me.

It confused me that it changed into “OK” to visit Temple at the High Holidays, however we did not visit Temple on Saturdays. This became truely cool. My Christian friends needed to visit Church each Sunday. It perplexed me that Jewish offerings went from dawn to nightfall, but my buddies best attended Church for two hours. Did that imply we believed in our God more than they believed in theirs?

So, I turned into a religiously harassed teen. Now take into account that this changed into in the 1950’s and 1960’s. We weren’t purported to task our mother and father and we certainly did no longer query our faith.

It wasn’t till I grew older that I learned approximately Spirituality.

So right here it’s miles 2015 and I actually have totally differentiated between spirituality and faith and may say that I am religious, however not religious. I ought to say I’m jewish with a small “j,” or that I am a convalescing Jew.

So what’s the factor of this text? The factor is to permit your Higher Power (the Universe, God, Spirit Guide, Guardian Angel, and Buddha) guide you via your lifestyles’s adventure. People will are available in and from your life for a cause. There is NOT most effective one route to follow, one way to hope or that you have to be in a House of Worship for God to hear you. I do trust in a better electricity however trust that this same better strength is within all living and non-residing matters.

I do not believe in a Heaven or Hell, as that is what you’re making it whilst you are here throughout this lifetime on Earth. I do trust in Karma and its fundamental (and believe me, I truely simplified this!) philosophy of you get what you supply. I do now not believe that we’re on Earth for only one lifetime and through shamanic visiting recognise of two other lifetimes I lived (and no, I changed into no longer a Pharaoh.)

Keep your mind open for questions that do not have instantaneous answers. Define your self as you see yourself, no longer as others see you.

Blessings Be!

Gary M. Levin

I even have observed the metaphysical direction for maximum of my lifestyles. In addition to my academic levels, I hold the bachelors, masters and doctorate stages in metaphysical sciences through the University of Metaphysical Sciences. I am an ordained reverend via the Wisdom of the Heart Church, that is partnered with the University of Metaphysical Sciences in Arcata, California. Dr. Levin is also the chairperson of the Cuddlers’ Program in the NICU on the nearby health facility. His profession as a special education instructor and administrator spanned over 35 years, and he now lives in Palm Springs, California. I even have a manuscript being launched November, 2015, titled, Metaphysics: Living Beyond the Spiritual Realm, and am also available to carry out each non-denominational and non-religious ceremonies.

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